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What Towing Crews Need to Know Before Coming to Your Home

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You may need to call a towing company for help in case your vehicle gets a problem, such as getting stuck in a flowerbed, on your residential property. That vehicle will be recovered quickly and easily if you give the towing company sufficient information before they respond to your call. This article discusses some of the helpful information that you should convey to the towing crew.

The Attributes of Your Driveway

You should describe the kind of driveway or yard where the vehicle has got a problem. For example, was the driveway made from cobbled stones? This information will help the towing company to select the tow vehicle and equipment that will be least likely to damage the surface over which the vehicle will be towed. It may also be helpful for you to take pictures of the area around the disabled vehicle. Those pictures will help you to confirm that the damage on your property wasn't worsened by the towing company. You can also use those pictures in case a dispute arises regarding who is responsible for the damage to your property during the towing process.

Overhead Obstructions

It is also wise for you to let the towing company to know whether there are any physical obstructions that they will have to deal with as they recover your vehicle. For example, are there overhead utility lines around the vehicle that you want to recover? Providing this advance information will enable the towing company to bring the appropriate tools and supplies to deal with that obstruction. For instance, they can select a winch with a longer rope so that the vehicle can be pulled from a distance without having to get near overhead power lines.

Properties Affected

Another piece of helpful information that you should provide regards the properties affected by your crippled vehicle. For instance, you should tell the tow company that your vehicle drove into the fence of a neighbour. This information can help the towing company to know how many parties they should talk to before they commence the recovery. Such discussions can help them to avoid liability in case one of the affected parties isn't involved during the vehicle's recovery.

As you can see, recovering a vehicle that has developed a problem within an urban setting has its own set of challenges. The best way to deal with those challenges is to be forthright as you communicate with the towing company. The cooperation of everyone affected will ensure that your vehicle is recovered without creating additional problems for you. For more advice, contact a towing company.