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Three Extra Features That You Should Consider For Your Next Box Trailer

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Box trailers are one of the most popular haulage types in Australia and indeed around the world. However, if this is your first time buying one, then you may not be familiar with all the little differences and subtle variations that you can find amongst many box trailers. Some of these additions can make using the box trailer a lot easier for your purposes. The next time you go window shopping for box trailers, make sure to have a good look for any of the following features to see if it could help you even more than a standard box trailer could.

Built-In Ramp

If you are going to be transporting any sort of very heavy or very bulky material in your box trailers, then you may want to consider the addition of a built-in ramp. This is perhaps the most common addition to box trailers, and it is one that applies to many industries from construction to haulage. Always test the ramp out and make sure you understand how to extend it and put it away completely before taking it off the lot. Some ramps will be able to have trolleys and wheelbarrows pushed up, while others will be only accessible with your feet, so make sure to check.

Tipper Trailer

A tipper box trailer is one that has a hydraulic arm underneath the trailer that can be used to tip the contents of the trailer out the back. This is useful for those carrying raw materials like gravel, sand, mulch or even feed for animals, although it is more of a specialty addition and a bit rarer than the built-in ramp. Always check to see how much you can fill the trailer and still operate the tipper, and consider how secure the trailer will be on long trips (if you are planning on taking it on large journeys). 


Most box trailers only have one set of wheels (two wheels total), which is perfectly fine for a lot of loads; however, for some larger or oddly shaped loads, you probably should use a tandem trailer. Tandem trailers double your amount of wheels which adds a lot of benefits including stability, the total amount of weight you can carry and maneuverability while out on the road. Lots of people choose tandem box trailers just in case they ever need to take a bigger load out one day, or if they are travelling quite far on a daily basis.