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How to Stay Safe While You Wait for a Tow

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Your car can fail when on the move due to battery issues, flat tires, or an overheating engine. In such a case, you may want to call a towing service for help. But sometimes your towing service can take some time before they arrive at your location. As a driver, you want to stay safe as you wait for a tow.

The following tips will ensure your safety before your towing service provider gets there.

1. Move to a Traffic Free Area

If the vehicle is still drivable, pull over to the roadside away from the traffic. You expose yourself to serious danger if you stay in the middle of the road, especially if it is on a busy highway.

Once the vehicle is off the road, stay inside your car with the doors locked until the towing service arrives. In some cases, you might find it challenging to move to a safer place, especially after a collision or when the car breaks down. In such a situation, ensure that you stay visible to other motorists by turning on the hazard lights. You may also use flares, cones or warning triangles as needed. 

After taking these measures, stay some distance away from your vehicle but still within view of other motorists. If you stay too close to the car, you can get injured if another car accidentally crashes into yours. 

2. Beware of Strangers

You should not be quick to accept lifts from strangers, however tempting it is. While some strangers genuinely want to help you, others may just want to rip you off. Remember that sometimes criminals actually work in twos so that one gives you a free ride and the other one remains behind to steal your stuff. 

You can avoid falling into such traps by turning down unasked help, especially if you have already contacted a towing service. When the tow truck finally arrives, ask for some ID to ensure the truck is actually from the towing service you requested. If need be, contact the towing company for the truck's verification details.

3. Don't Drain Your Phone's Battery

A charged phone can make all the difference when you are in an emergency. While it might tempt you to kill time by checking out your socials to distract yourself, you might end up draining your phone's battery.

If you are in an unfamiliar location, you may need your phone to alert emergency services in case something happens before your towing service provider arrives. You could also call your loved ones to notify them of your whereabouts. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a towing service.